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DotPigeon is an artist from Milan, Italy. Art is the perfect introduction for an artist. The following are some works from DotPigeon.

“Long legs under the table, I’m not listening to you”
“Put a chevalier on my finger”
“I’m joking I haven’t read all these books”

“DotPigeon, is an artistic project that uses Instagram as a platform. Inspired by pop culture, politics, icons and trends of the moment, the idea behind my artworks remains the same: to create simple and comprehensible messages executed in a clean and visually satisfying way.”

The following is an exclusive interview The Pigeon Guy.

What inspired you to become an artist and what has influenced your style?

“Actually I’ve had a full time job as an advertising art director. I always work with new concepts and ideas in order to create campaigns for the clients I work with. In 2017 I opened my Instagram account, DotPigeon. Then I starting thinking and creating artworks for myself, not just for others. My style changed a lot. The first 2 years I was more of a content creator than an artist (I used to create viral and funny stuff), in 2020 I changed the approach completely finding my style and my message.”

How was your experience with your first drop on Nifty gateway?

“It was very fun and challenging. I noticed that 80% (maybe more) of the artworks on Nifty were 3D but I’m not able to work in 3D so I decided to mock that technique. That’s why I painted my balaclava guy in 15 different poses to give people the “illusion” of a 3d artwork even if it’s totally 2d.”

How is the digital art scene in Italy? How is it different than traditional art?

“Well, majority of people think that digital and art cannot stay in the same sentence. They still think digital artist are just random guys that with a couple of clicks do everything.

I’m trying to elevate digital art with my work: I paint everything on iPad Pro but using acrylics and oils that look like brushes. Then I print on canvas in unique pieces, it’s a digital work with a non digital approach. That has been a key and (also) thanks to this approach my artworks went into amazing collectors houses. Then we need to work on messages. The message is what differentiates an illustrator from a painter, a 3d artist from a sculptor, an operator to a thinker.”

Art in the form of NFTs in brand new. What is your opinion about this new way of creating art?

“It’s a totally brand new world to be discovered. The growth of this market is mind blowing and fascinating and it will attract the art world/media/galleries for sure and the Pak release is the proof of this.”

You have a large Instagram following and continue to gain followers due to your unique art style. What plans do you have for 2021?

“I started with the NFT collection, I’m gonna have my first solo show ever and I’ll release an AR collectible filter, for now :)”

What else would you like to share with digital art collectors and the crypto community?

“Work with messages, elevate yourself, change the art world.”

Recap of DotPigeon’s “I’ve just robbed a crypto bank” drop on Nifty Gateway

DotPigeon had his first drop during a busy week on Nifty Gateway. He shared the spotlight this week with the top-selling drops on the platform which include Fewocious, Pak, Slime Sunday, Steven Baltay and Goldweard.

His drop consisted of the following:

Gold 1 of 1 Auction — $1,000

Chrome 7 of 7 Silent Auction — $2,241.19

Termoscanner 20 of 20 — $5,000

UV Open Edition 15 of 15 — $2,250

Total Sales — $10,491.19

The current prices for DotPigeon’s work are low compared to other drops on the platform. Which is a great opportunity for collectors to buy art-work from an up-and-coming artist from Milan, Italy. Social media pushes the narrative and DotPigeon is no stranger to making an impact on social media. He has over 40K followers on Instagram. His artwork is modern, sleek and sometimes controversial. He has already been recognized by some of the biggest brands in the world such as Versace. His art will grab the attention of millennials.

#versacechainreaction x DotPigeon

DotPigeon is represented by Plan X Art Gallery from Milan Italy. Plan X Art Gallery is making headlines in the art world of Italy and have appeared in articles in Forbes.

“How two Neapolitans reinvented the concept of contemporary art”

DotPigeon has teased about releasing a digital art NFT collection closer to his original style.

“Burning them down in Balenciaga”
screenshot from www.dotpigeon.com



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