Exclusive Interview with Squibs

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Squibs is an up-and-coming visual artist and designer from Kansas City, Missouri. He is already seeing early success in the NFT space as four of his drops have SOLD OUT on Bitski. Squibs has shown that he is not afraid to think outside of the box and push boundaries in this space.

His most recent drop is something new to the NFT space. He dropped an NFT of a ring that will be accompanied by a physical ring that was designed by Mark Sabino. Keep an eye out for Squibs, an artist who is not afraid to innovate.

Exclusive Interview

What is meaning behind the name “Squibs”?

It actually has more of a visual meaning. I picked it because it’s symmetrical. S’s on each end, the lowercase q and b mirror each other then the u & i in the middle could be broken down into three vertical lines.

Three drops on Bitski have already sold out. What is your “dream” project if you had no budget to create?

I think my dream project would be a section at some place like Universal studios. Where I could have experiences, rides, stores, merchandise all combined into a little Squibville of sorts.

What was your experience having a drop on Bitski? What features do you think would improve the experience for fans?

Bitski has actually been my favorite platform to drop on. I love being able to onboard new collectors who might not necessarily want to touch crypto. Feature wise I think the marketplace and open edition functions that they’re adding will be great.

NFTs are a new technology that gives artist a new revenue stream and medium to create. It is difficult to get on Nifty Gateway. Artist can still use other marketplaces such as Bitski. What advice would you give to someone thinking about their first NFT release?

My advice would be to take time building an idea opposed to impulsively posting just because they can. Blockchain tech will potentially allow all of our work to exist for centuries (or hopefully forever) — so I think people should do something that is meaningful and not just the flavor of the month.

Can you tell us about any up-coming projects planned?

For the first time in my life I actually can’t. But only cause I’m not allowed to! Some very big and cool things in the works.

What message would you like to send to fans and collectors that have your NFTs?

Just wanna say thank you and that we’re all in this together. I have made art in this format for years but there wasn’t ever a space I fit into like this. To have actual people collecting my work because they enjoy it really means the world, both digital and physical.

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